Company Culture
  • “Sinock” means “For a Healthier Life to Keep Moving”
    “Wanbang Sinock” means “We are dedicated to a healthier life”.
  • The logo of B and W is the abbreviation of “WanBang” and the words “Breast+World”
    The shape and the colour of the Logo symbolizes Breakthrough+innovation,brings people a heavy feeling, build trust. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea,represents pure,wide,vast,also symbolizes the spirit and ideals of Wanbang’s staffs.
    • Our core value:
      “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance and Contribution to society”
    • Our mission:
      We Are Dedicated to A Healthier Life
    • Our Ideology:
      Reputation First, Promise is Debt
    • Our culture:
      "Army, School, Family"

Our Vision:Dedicate to become a first class Bio-pharmaceutical enterprise in heparin API markets.