Development History
  • Wanbang Sinock formerly known as Zaozhuang Sinock Biochemical Co., Ltd. founded in October,2004,located in Gushan Road,Zaozhuang Economic Development Zone and started production in October,2006
  • March,2007
    The company obtained Drug Manufacturing License
  • November,2011
    Completion of stock system restructuring,the company was renamed Zaozhuang Sinock Biochemical Stock Co., Ltd.
  • December,2012
    The company obtained COPP
  • January,2013
    Jiangsu Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals acquired 51% shares of Zaozhuang Sinock , the company belongs to a part of Fosun Pharma Group
  • August,2013
    Heparin Sodium API obtained the national GMP certificate
  • 2013
    In 2013,the company's revenue over 200 million yuan, tax over 10 million yuan
  • September,2014
    The company was renamed Wanbang Sinock Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • March,2016
    Complete the capacity expansion and overall planning of site area, take the leap-forward development of the company