Dedicate to become a first class Bio-pharmaceutical enterprise in heparin API markets.
Focus on strengthening R&D of heparin series products and industrialization technology innovation,
Actively carry out extensive cooperation and communication with customers,
Constantly extend domestic and international markets
Fully integrated global heparin industrial chain
  • Organ collection from slaughterhouse
  • Crude Heparin Production
  • Heparin API Production
  • Heparin Injection Production
Scientific Strict Comprehensive
Quality prevention and assurance system
Heparin Sodium
Specification:6 Kg/Tin | Trade Mark:Linuo
Dalteparin Sodium
Specification:6 Kg/Tin | Trade Mark:Linuo
Enoxaparin Sodium
Specifications: 6kg/Tin | Trade Mark: Linuo
Crude Heparin Sodium
Specification: 20 Kg/Barrel | Trade Mark: Linuo
Nadroparin calcium
Specification: 6kg/Tin | Trade Mark: Linuo