Heparin Industrial Chain
Fully integrated global heparin industrial chain
After years of effort,the company has created a complete heparin industrial chain, our products include Crude Heparin,Heparin Sodium API, Enoxaparin Sodium,Dalteparin Sodium, Nadroparin Calcium,Heparinoid. Sinock has been a stable and high quality global supplier of heparin series products.

Successful integration of heparin industrial chain, benefits from our long-standing concept of quality and safety. Our integrated supply chain management system ensures traceability, reliability and supply stability of raw material sources.Unique and excellent process technology, perfect process equipment and strict quality management ensure stable product quality.

Sinock has the perfect supply chain management, strict quality control and product standards, advanced production facilities and equipments,proprietary production technology and the global marketing network.All of it will strengthen our long-term competitive power.
GMP-Scope of application and requirements
Organ collection from slaughterhouse
Crude Heparin Production
Heparin API Production
Heparin Injection Production
Highly automated production management for heparin sodium injection
Organ collection from slaughterhouse
Crude Heparin Sodium
Heparin Sodium API
Heparin Sodium Injection